Special Process Requirements

Special processes performed on products for PneuDraulics purchase orders must be performed by sources holding a current Nadcap certification for the process. This includes not only processing performed in-house by the holder of the PneuDraulics purchase order, but also any processing sub-contracted by them to others.

Special processes are defined as:

Special Process Category Examples
Metal Joining Soldering to a MIL or customer-controlled specification, welding and brazing
(Commercial grade electrical soldering is specifically excluded)
Finishes / Surface Treatment Plating, passivation and chem-film
Thermal / Heat Treatment Aluminum, steel, stress relief, heat treat, aging, etc.
Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Ultrasonic, magnetic particle, radiography, dye penetrant, etc.

Excluded from this requirement are special processes performed on:

  • Supplier-designed items and materials produced to an industry standard (e.g. no PneuDraulics drawing other than an SCD is applicable, such as for catalog or other off-the-shelf items)
  • Raw materials (metal stock).

The Nadcap listing of certified sources is currently available at eAuditNet. A registered account is required and procedures to obtain it are available on that site.

Supplier Quality Requirements Manual, PQF 502 Rev. L, 11/24/2015