Special Process Requirements

Special processes performed on products for PneuDraulics purchase orders must be performed by sources holding a current Nadcap certification for the process. This includes not only processing performed in-house by the holder of the PneuDraulics purchase order, but also any processing sub-contracted by them to others.

Special processes are defined as:

Special Process Category Examples
Metal Joining Soldering to a MIL or customer-controlled specification, welding and brazing
(Commercial grade electrical soldering is specifically excluded)
Finishes / Surface Treatment Plating, passivation and chem-film
Thermal / Heat Treatment Aluminum, steel, stress relief, heat treat, aging, etc.
Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Ultrasonic, magnetic particle, radiography, dye penetrant, etc.

Excluded from this requirement are special processes performed on:

  • Supplier-designed items and materials produced to an industry standard (e.g. no PneuDraulics drawing other than an SCD is applicable, such as for catalog or other off-the-shelf items)
  • Raw materials (metal stock).

The Nadcap listing of certified sources is currently available at eAuditNet. A registered account is required and procedures to obtain it are available on that site.

Reference Supplier Quality Requirements Manual, PQF 502 for more information. Verify the latest revision with your buyer.