About Us

PneuDraulics, Inc. has been supplying the aerospace industry with high quality hydraulic system components for over 50 years.

PneuDraulics' hydraulic system components are used worldwide on military, commercial and commuter aircraft as well as on helicopters, business jets and spacecraft.

Past, Present and into the Future

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Eric Saville and Ray Hunt founded PneuDraulics, Inc. in the mid-Fifties when they recognized the need for a high quality supplier of precision hydraulic components for the Aerospace Industry.

Following a thoughtful growth process fueled by evolving expertise and an ongoing extension of our product line, PneuDraulics has become a preeminent player in our industry and has earned a reputation as a highly effective, responsive and problem solving organization.

All disciplines, from conceptualization of design and developmental engineering to state of the art manufacturing under rigid quality control standards, are performed in our facility. The result is a fully integrated operation that produces the highest quality hydraulic components available to the aerospace industry today.

As we look to the future, we at PneuDraulics stand by our commitment to provide the solutions and the hardware that will continue to meet the ever-increasing demands of flight safety and reliability. We enter the new millennium eager to meet these challenges with the teamwork, organization and skills of all of our employees focused on a single objective: Total and complete customer satisfaction.

Our People

our people

From initial engineering and design to manufacturing, assembly and test...

PneuDraulics' employees are focused on providing the highest quality hydraulic valves, components and assemblies available to the aerospace industry.

For over 50 years our commitment to quality has been uncompromised.

All phases of PneuDraulics' operations are performed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 standards.


The Pneudraulics Engineering Department utilizes the latest computer aided design and analysis software available for our product complexity. Simple 2-D design is accomplished on Auto Cad 2000 and archiving is done on Auto Cad. Solid models utilize SolidWorks software, which will also produce Auto Cad compatible detail drawings. Finite element analysis (FEA) for 2-D work is accomplished using Algor software with the Auto Cad drawings.


3-D FEA is performed on the CosmosWorks software program and works in conjunction with SolidWorks. Pneudraulics has a library of hydraulic component designs that have been created over the last 50 years for virtually every major aircraft program.

The engineering laboratory is fully equipped for virtually all developmental and qualification testing. Three environmental chambers capable of -80° fahrenheit to +300° fahrenheit are used for both fluid and ambient temperature testing. Test fluids are Skydrol, MIL-PRF-5606 and Stoddard solvent.


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The PneuDraulics manufacturing system integrates data from every facet of production, providing synchronized production procedures and schedules. The visibility provided by this system ensures on-time delivery of all PneuDraulics products.

Comprehensive in-house machining capabilities include the latest in computer numerically controlled, multi-axis machining centers, ID and OD grinding equipment, manual and automated deburring, and precision honing and lapping to ensure conformance to rigid dimensional tolerances. Spool and sleeve assemblies are fitted to diametrical clearances of less than ten-millionths of an inch. Continual equipment upgrades allow PneuDraulics to maintain maximum manufacturing efficiency as machine technology advances. We have state-of-the-art equipment, which allows 24 hour manufacturing (lights out) capability.

Quality Management

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Our quality is assured by a Quality Management System that encompasses all phases of our operations, beginning with design and ending with final inspection and shipment. Our full line of hydraulic and pneumatic components meets or exceeds the most stringent industry quality requirements. Detailed inspection of all products during fabrication, assembly and testing is accomplished using experienced quality representatives and the most modern equipment.

We are an approved supplier to all major airframe manufacturers and major subcontractors in addition to the Department of Defense and virtually all major foreign and domestic airlines. We maintain third party registration of our Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016.